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29 Aug 2017 by Sarah

We're delighted to be working with award-winning journalist Sharon Hendry to share the interview of a remarkable young woman Josie Russell, who many of you might remember as having survived a brutal hammer attack at just nine years old.

Josie, who is currently writing her book, is now a successful textile artist who wanted to share her story on her terms, ensuring she had copy approval of her interview and full control.

We measure our success on results. And we're delighted to have secured blanket coverage including a Daily Mail front page and follow up full page stories today in The Times and Daily Express. In addition, every major online newspaper has followed our exclusive including The Evening Standard, Times Online, Mail Online, Mirror Online, The Sun Online, Express Online... reaching an audience of millions.We're also in talks with This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Lorraine and others regarding future TV opportunities as well as almost every major womens magazine.

If you are an individual looking to share your story, raise your profile or a business or charity looking to reach out to a new audience of millions our team at The Press People can help. Your case studies and interviews with you or your staff enable millions to see your brand in a new, positive light.

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